The Erasmus+ Project of the Geschwister-Scholl Comprehensive School takes part at the "Europatag" with the project song "We are the same". After  the mayor Mr Jürgen Klaine-Frauns´ greeting of the guests Europe balloons will be flown. Following the speech of  the deputy  Prof. Dr. Dietmar Köster our headmaster Mr Christian Gröne will introduce the Erasmus+ project. Subsequently our project song "we are the same", composed by our music teacher Ms Sandra Horn, will be sung by the Erasmus+ choir. 

The second contribution of the Erasmus+ Project to the “Europatag“ is the composition of 5 chairs by the students of the Erasmus+ Club and Ms Hatice Cin. 4 of these chairs portray the most famous aspects of the countries Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Portugal. And the last chair symbolises the youny people who come together from all over the Europe, get to know each other and  make everlasting frienships.  

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The students at  the Geschwister-Scholl-Comprehensive School celebrated the day of Harmony on 21st March. They made a survey about multilingualism and the languages which are in danger of dying out during the breaks simultaneously with 4 Erasmus+ partner countries: Spain, Italy, Macedonia and Turkey. 

Then Professor Dr. Yüksel Ekinci from the University of Bielefeld hold a presentation about "multilingualism and multiculturalism" in the assembly hall of the school. 
Since many students at school  are growing up bilingually, the presentation about code-mixing and code-switching offered a different way of perception to their use of different particles from two languages in one sentence, such as : Heute Abend kommen amcamlar und teyzemler zu uns... : A useful asset which not everybody has. Here a student who is growing up bilingually in Turkish and German is using some Turkish words in a German sentence, which means "This evening my aunts and uncles are visiting us. 
The results of the survey about multilingualism will be evaluated in Prilep, Macedonia next week, during the second international meeting of the 5 partner countries betweenthe dates 7th April and 14th April. 


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Endangered languages

This questionare is prepared by the coordinating teacher Mehmet Basdas from Turkey.
It  scales the students' thoughts about languages which are in danger of dying. Thausends of languages are on the verge of extinction. And the most signifying fact about this is that loss of a language means loss of the memory of the world's history and culture...

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