In Turkey the tasks for the project were shared among five countries.

  • Turkey will create and implement the Facebook page of the project and organizes the logo contest
  • Germany will supervise the project website
  • Italy will create video documentation
  • Spain will create the digital newspaper and a booklet (brochure)
  • Macedonia will create and implement the E-Twinning website

The students have tasks to do as well. They will prepare for the visit to Spain:

  • a presentation about the history of your country.
  • a PowerPoint presentation about changing the social values ​​of the last 50 years in their own city.
  • an interview with refugees and a film based on this interview.
  • a feedback for the movie "Solino" for a film review in Spain.
  • an essay contest on migration to the EU and the use of first and second languages
  • a poster contest about migration.
  • a song about migration and homesickness.
  • a white T-shirt with the project logo
  • a collage and some posters that show the culture and landmarks of their country.


  • 18th December is the day of migration. To celebrate this day the students are preparing a stand with pictures, posters and some information about the subject at their schools.
  • The students from the partner countries exchange postcards on festive days and for special occasions

In Turkey further appointments were arranged:

Dates of mobilities / visits are:

  1. 24.09.17 - 28. 09.17: M1 Turkey
  2. 29.01.18 - 02.02.18: M2 + C2: Spain
  3. 09.04.18 - 14.04.18: M3 + C1: Macedonia
  4. 01.06.18 - 07.06.18: M4: Turkey
      >  01.06.18 - 03.06.18 : Kapadocia
      >  04.06.18 - 07.06.18 : Istanbul
  5. 17.09.18 - 22.09.18: M5 + C3: Italy
  6. 27.01.19 - 02.02.19: M6 + C4:  Germany
  7. 26.05.19 - 01.06.19: M7: Spain

Furthermore in a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere we strengthened contacts and friendships, while visiting the beautiful sightseeing places of Istanbul:

  • Topkapi Palace: The first palace of the Ottoman Empire – a sightseeing tour
  • Dolmabahce Palace: The second palace of the Ottoman Empire – a sightseeing tour
  • The Bosphorus: a boat tour
  • Sile:  a suburb of Istanbul - picnic

Our digital paper


Students report

We will meet again soon

Endangered languages

This questionare is prepared by the coordinating teacher Mehmet Basdas from Turkey.
It  scales the students' thoughts about languages which are in danger of dying. Thausends of languages are on the verge of extinction. And the most signifying fact about this is that loss of a language means loss of the memory of the world's history and culture...

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