The schedule of our first LTT meeting in Spain at the vocational school IES Canada Real in Valmojado, in Spain between the dates 28.01.2018 and 02.02.2018.

IES Canada Real, all students sang together our project song and showed their staditional clothes and folk dances...

We have visited Tolero -  Please take a look at our photos


In the next pictures you can get to know some of us

This is us ;-)


We thank our hosts for the great time - farewell party

Nice pictures from our farewell party


Our days were exciting and very educational.

Take a look at our program


Some students report their journey.

Jana reports Lisa reports


We are looking forward to seeing you in Macedonia: 09.04.18 - 14.04.18

Our digital paper


Students report

We will meet again soon

Endangered languages

This questionare is prepared by the coordinating teacher Mehmet Basdas from Turkey.
It  scales the students' thoughts about languages which are in danger of dying. Thausends of languages are on the verge of extinction. And the most signifying fact about this is that loss of a language means loss of the memory of the world's history and culture...

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